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Age question?

How old do u have to be to go to ozzfest.. i have 2 sons 11 and 17 is there a age limit ?


lamb of god
job for a cowboy
hell yeah
mushroom head
all shall perish
all that remains
cradle of filth
and ozzy ..
thats who should play at ozzfest this year..
i like all the old s*** but people like more new bands

I believe Ozzy just turned 59, and as far as I know there is no age limit, one anyway that is imposed by Ozzy's camp, I would think if there is an age issue it would come from the venue and its management..

Later Peeps!

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Ozzy just turned 59 on December 3rd. I have been to every Ozzfest and have seen people of all ages, so I dont think there is a age limit

NO HE IS 4 THE YOUNG AT HEART AN THE YOUNG ONE THAT HAVE TO BE CARRIED,Their is no age thats wats cool all are welcome


how old r u ozzy your biggest fan tyler james garcia

no how old is ozzy