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OZZY/Twisted Vein

Ozzy and mates, as a fellow Brummy who's been in show biz to many F$#ng years, maby this can
help your recovery. I am pro.dancer/teacher/choreographer/studio owner of 49yrs age. 10 yrs ago
while preforming on stage I tore a thumb size hole in my right calf. Back stage I found a roll of duct
tape and bound it up tight. I finished the show but the next day my wife had to carry me to the doctors. The F$#@NG G&*&*mn doctor nearly killed me! My wife then suggested a certain chiropractor who works on atheleats. When I went to Dr.Steve he treated me with such care and respect just being around him made me feel better. On the 3rd day of treatment he used a form of
massage on my calf. It was the kind of pain, like it was leaving your body. I remarked to him what it felt like and he said that he had contacted his freind who worked for the New York City Ballet! What
he did was slowly realign the calf and the veins and tissues surrounding the injury so it would not
heal "twisted. Maby the last time you injured your leg, it may have healed but not in realignment.
Any way it couldn't hurt to check this out. From one old foart to another "KEEP ON ROCKING"!
God Bless . Buzzy Muzzwelle.


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