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A true fan having an terible year

I an sending this for a friend,Shawn.
His wife of over 27 years lost her battle with cancer last weekend.
She wanted him to go to Ozzfest again this year. It happens to be the same day as her funeral.
He is going to try to get to Columbus for the end of the show, as she told him to do.
This is after a day to celebrate the great person she was and not the facts of her death.
But to show the strength of real love, not to do for yourself but give and think of others.
If anyone involved with the show reads this and anyone at the show remember the healing power of music and treat everyone around as if it could be the final time you might be there.
He would love to meet Ozzy and the band, it could help in a time of insane difficulty.
He has seen Ozzy over 28 times and even me and him drove many hours and stayed in Toronto a couple of years ago for a great show there.
But remember to treat each other with respect and realize the true love, spirit and value of life.


HEZEKIZH Hey..... I just sent an email to LA today RE: this. I told Shawn to give you my email along with some other messages........ I am at a loss here. Email me, I have some ideas.........

Water Under the Bridge my friend.......... Your friend Rose.................

Goodbye To Romance

ong thats so sad....i totally get what ur saying man, belive it. respect and RIP------:(

I love you....I love you more than life itself but you're all f***in mad!!! -Ozzy Osbourne