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Thanks friend for your response!

I think Ozzy & Sharon need to be alerted to the fact that there are a whole lot of us that are ready for Ozzfest to be retired for a while. I understand that it is almost done out of tradition now going on so many years an all, but Ozzy fans are ready for a more intimate show I think. I was talking with my brother at the St. Louis show we had here on the 6th, and I told him that I feel that Ozzfest is something that even after he is gone will continue on, that people will always want to get together and celebrate what he has done musically, & to honor what he gave to all of us over the many years of his career. I am not asking Ozzy & Sharon to put a stop to it entirely, but only to kind of give us a break for a couple of years thus freeing up Ozzy to do other things, one of course being a club tour, & the other a new Sabbath album.

Speaking of the Fox, I had a buddy of mine see Ozzy at the Fox Theater here in St. Louis, he said Zakk got up on the head of one of there many statue's during his solo, pissed fox off big time, wished I could have seen that show, damn the luck lol!


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