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My wife and I have been going to Ozzfest each year since started and we love each year and some of the new bands. We wonder why Ozzy never sings "No More Tears" my wife's favorite song. Is there a way to make a request of Ozzy for next year?


There are several reasons. One is that for some reason Ozzy's set lists are very narrow in the selections, the same songs are played with very little rotation among them. Two is that in his old age Ozzy's voice isn't what it once was, it will be starting to crack after a 13 or so song setlist and his range has also changed. Perhaps a third is that it is a very long song, but it was played for the live album at the Budokan. There is no way to make requests Ozzy doesn't take them.

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I agree with OjZoZhYn12.03.48 on this one. I have seen Ozzy try to sing that on his sets and have not so good of luck with it. His voice does crack on that song and he hates that. That is probably the number one reason why he doesn't do it anymore. He has been working that voice and screaming on stage for decades. You know how you talk after yelling all day at just ONE show? Imagine doing that for 30+ years all the time...... It is bound to take a toll on you... We all know that Ozzy does a killer job on the CD when he put that out so just slam it into your CD player and Bingo....... You have No More Tears..... :-)

Love you all...................

I also agree with the boys here, the sad factor is mostly age related I think. I just attended St. Louis Ozzfest & when Ozzy did "I don't wanna change the world" it sounded really awful, they would bump up Zakk & the guys singing back up on the (I) part, to only drop it after he went into the (don't) part, in fact it was so over powering that you couldn't even make out Ozzy singing the (don't) part, it was depressing to be really forthright & honest, I can only say I really, really miss the Ozzy I used to see in years past, but hey time is nobody's real friend here, I in the end am just happy he comes out & says hi every once in a while!

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