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i totally understand that at least i am new and maybe dont trust me enough, so whatever it is, i'm glad that Ozzy did that for your friend, if in fact that's what he did...i wish i knew HOW it is he came to know to do such a thing, and how I can get you my email address without having to blast it on here. Please let me know ASAP...i like you and what you seem to be about and think we'd be pretty good friends. We both seem to genuinely care for people (including our loving Ozzy) and seem to try to understand him as well (and you know how hard that can be!)But I seem to think and feel that he is well worth it.

Anyways....back to life and reality, which for me may eventually mean no Ozzfest and i'm so broken up about far my friend has no one she trusts to leave her kids with for one evening (i feel bad for her...she can't ever get away or do anything nice...not even just for herself.) so i dont know if i'll be able to go...wish i could meet Ozzy somehow some way, it's crazy but sometimes it actually feels like I have some sort of a connection with him in some weird way...i'm half his age but feel i'm spiritually connected to him somehow...sound strange?