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heavey metal penpalz wanted

hey...anyone wanna be my heavey metal penpal or hairband penpal? love ozzy. email me at colgliger@yahoo.com. love guns n roses.


Ha, sure. You sound like me.

I like Ozzy, AC/DC, Guns 'N Roses, amongst many others.

Oh, Yeah. As we speak I am listening to Hair Nation, on Sirius 23. All Hair all the time. :)

And looking forward to the Oz Man comming the area.

Yours in Darkness!
Lord Krieg
Minister of Metal

metal is the olny way to go , dosent matter if its 30 years old or 2 days its what we all live for
we wake up with it on and most fall asleep the same way, metal playing in our heads even when its not on
hitting ozzfest in kc this year going to be sweet .

I would but I am afraid I am completely illiterate, this isn't me writing, it's my Porte Rican house maid Asianah thats actually writing this for me, isn't she just grand! lmfao

Jk of course, simply bored, as usual hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

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