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Tony Iommi

OK Goat I rise to that challenge.
This is here to inform people how to spell the man's name, and by the man I mean Tony Iommi (The Guitarist for Black Sabbath from 1968-2007&present.

Here is what it is NOT!!!!!!!! (And I have seen these posted in places not just here):
Toni (he has a daughter by that name, Toni-Marie Iommi who is in the band Lunar Mile (along with Alex Hill son of Judas Priest member Ian Hill) and they aren't bad
Lommy (You might be surprised how many times I've seen it as Tommy Lommy
People Usually get the "T" and the "O" corrent then it goes downhill. the "T" and the "O" are followed by "NY" (as in New York perhaps if you want to think of that) and his last name is "I-O-M-M-I". I know the whole "N" in the first name and the double "M" in the last name can confuse people (for some reason)


Your a good man OJZOZHYN, and I can see where this is seriously a needed topic for discussion, I have to say I myself got the spelling of his name wrong, so I will be the first to say thanks dude for the heads up! It's a mistake I shall never make again, & I owe it all to you!

Peace bro!

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