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ozzysrose just out of curiosity

Do ya remember me? lol,. I think you had some things you wanted to say to me. Let me know what's up alright? Hangin out for a while so tell me if you can. Thanks!


Of course I remember you.... LOL....... I am still trying to figure out a way to communicate with you without putting up my email. As you know, there are some horse advocites that have come over here and started s*** with me. I will not allow those morons to get to me by email. Of course I can block them but I don't want nothing to do with them. Maybe I'll open up a yahoo club for us that want to go there (of course it will be private) and we can go from there...... I need to get caught up on some s*** in the next couple of days but I'll have time this week-end to get something going.......

Love you all...........

Goodbye To Romance

sounds good 2 me!!! Hope we can talk soon!!!!