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OZZY letter font??

Hey all,

I was just trying to find a letter font online that I could use to label my downloaded Ozzy songs.
But what I found I could not figure out how to access after downloading it on my computer. There is no template I can find. I want it to be exactly or damn close to the style of the letters in OZZY that shows on the top in gold on this site, or on most of his albums. -O-Z-Z-Y- kinda like that.

Does anybody have this? Please let me know where to find it, or maybe if you have it just reply with it here. I can just copy and paste it since I only need those 3 letters.




found one that is really close. here is the link:



try this font...


I don't understand exactly what your trying to do? Have you downloaded a font of this type, then was unable to install it in your font folder, or did you add the .ttf file but it didn't show up???

Give me some more info???

Here is a link for a Ozzy font, it's not exactly the same, but close.



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Yeah I tried that one. The actual file that downloads it is the wrong font from what they show in the sample.
And yes, I downloaded another font called "oklahoma" which is really close. but I could not access it or install it to the font folder.

I once knew a kid who created his own fonts. It was a tiedious process with not much benefit except to the creator and the few people who might download it. I myself had the font from the game Diablo installed and defaulted my apps to it but its only cool for a few weeks and its only you or family and friends that might see it.

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Do you have winzip??? The file is almost always zip filed, you can open it by downloading winzip, it is usually free... If you have winzip you can open the zip file, then you can access the .ttf file. Hope maybe that helps??? Let me know bro???


<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>

OzzY Now please don't laugh at this.... What the hell are you trying to do????? :-)

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click that... ive gottit n u can use it in microsoft word ect for stuff....might not b wat ur lookin 4 but its awesome anyhoo!
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