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Old people check in here!

I am a 47 year old Ozzy fan and have been on the boards for years?

Are there any other veteran fans out there?



I'm 34 years old. My first Ozzy concert was when I was 13 years old. I loved Ozzy long before that... My 6 year old listens to Ozzy all the time. GO OZZY!!

Checkin in LOL 39 yrs here its funny don't feel tooo very old but alas reading the many posts on Ozzfest.com and here .....I'm in the veteran class 1st Black Sabbath concert in the early 80's I don't think we ever b****ed about much waiting overnight in lines ..................

Hey big tom i am 42,an i am still rockin ,funny i dont feel anciant but thats wat my kids tell me. I am seeing ozzy on aug 2,i am so 'STOKED' get back to me so we chat all OZZ,cool u made a forum for the old,but youg at heart.


Hello Old Folks...LOL

I'm a 43 year old Ozzy fanatic....always have been and always will be...I'm going to cheat also and copy and paste what I just filled out for " I'm a fan because "

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...Ozzy's music is from his heart and he sings about real life situations even though his music may reflect what has happened in his life it also reflects what others like myself have gone through in this tough world of life. Music is a important part of life and so is OZZY's music....always has and always will be !! I'm also a Ozzy fan because he is REAL and not somebody who pretends to be somebody else.

Here is my collection of Ozzy memorabilia...




If your a music nut like myself and collect Ozzy memorabilia or other artist please check out my web store http://psychedelic-music.us
Rock `N Roll Will Never Die !!

I guess that I am NOT alone here!

I should have told Y'all that I started my Ozzy habit in' 76 when I saw Sabbath on Don Kirshners rock show....I have bought LPs 8 tracks cassettes and cds... I am so happy to have one more round of excitement from the Ozzman. I give it a 4 out of 5 rating but the best part was getting excited about a new release one more time! Rock and Roll really is forever!!

P.S Its great to see Ozzgod here!

daysrose, just ignore the haters & bashers, there isn't much you can do about them. They are race horse fans, doesnt mean they are Ozzy fans.

I love your music Ozzy!!!

54 next month and been rockin with Ozzy since 1970 and I'm never gonna stop till I drop. See you at Ozzfest 2007 in San Antonio.

Is 39 old enough to post here? Been a fan since 1980. I've been to 3 ozzfests, and I've seen Ozzy live countless times since the '80's. Met Ozzy and his family in Hollywood a couple of years ago. Ozzy and Sharon were down to earth with my wife and me.

Checking in on the Old Folks Forum! LOL I'm 47 and still rockin' it hard! My husband and I love attending Ozzfest - my first was in 2002. I love seeing the new bands and the old ones too! At our age we're kinda high maintenance and like things a certain way. We've been doing the PLARS package and absolutely love it! great seats and met some great people on the tour!

I had an interaction with a 20-something co-worker earlier this week that made me feel OLD! He was sharing his embarrassing moment with me. He has an Ozzy ringtone that he's proud of but didn't know Ozzy was in Black Sabbath until his buddies "educated" him during the Guitar Hero game. geez!!

Rock on! Long Live Rock -n- Roll!


Mattman here again,just got my Ozzfest tickets last night.Ozzy concert number 16 for me lol so if anyone out there is going to be at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Nobelsville Ind(Formerly Deer Creek)Ill see you there keep on rockin

I have been rocking with OZZY for many years, as well as the rest of the rocking music of OUR time. I consider myself a veteran of the early metal days. Been to many a show. Saw OZZY&RANDY when the blizzard first came out. Just decided to check out the Ozzy page after a long while. I thought I was to old for it but I see I was wrong.

I'm 49 soon to be 50 in Aug. So I guess there is where I need to come first! lol
I see other's in here age much younger...and the think that makes them old? I must be considered ancient then! rofl
I'm not one to go all google-eyed over a performer,and I'm not going to staqrt now but I will say that I have adored Ozzy from his early start with Black Sabbath.
I listened to his music,my children listened to his music and now my grandchildren listen to his music!
I use to have quite a collection of Ozzy music until someone stole them from me some years back. Guess they were an even bigger fan of Ozzy's huh? lol Oh well...Back to the ole drawing board,and starting over again!
It's wonderful to see so many people listening to and admireing Ozzy and his music. Elvis was to rock-n-roll as Ozzy is to the darkside! lol He has created many of what people call Goth's today. Others call Goth's satan worshipers,I call them Ozzy c
hildren. *props to the goth's*
I also think that behind the great man Ozzy...is his wonderful wife Sharon *Koodles to her* She is Ozzy's strength. And his three children is his spark. *koodles to them also*
All of them keep him going and I think they should also be recognized...so here is to them all!
His fans is the blood that runs through his veins,without the blood,there would be no life in Ozzy
So to the fan's I say...Thank you for keeping Ozzy alive in his music,and your hearts!
And last but surely not least...to Ozzy I say...In this world or the next...you are still going to be Ozzy...and you will live FOREVER as long as just one of your songs is remembered,but until then...I am finally going to come to an Ozzfest in Kansas City so rock on and show no mercy in your music...I don't want to miss a thing!!!
~~Hecata Satanis~~
"I have a hard enough time being me without trying to be the way you want me to be!"

I'm 35 years old. Been listening to Ozzy since I heard "Crazy Train" from Tribute in 1987. I'm a big fan of hard rock music. Mostly what would be called 80's. I collect b-sides and rarities from most hard rock artist of that time. Ozzy is by far my favorite. I took the day off work when "Black Rain" came out and listened to it all day. I think it's hi best work since "No More Tears". I think he and Zack both sound amazing still. I have a room in my house that is mine that is full of all my memorabila I've collected over the years, my cd collection and my stereo.

When I took the day off for the new album a few people askd me what I was doing that day. I told them they'd laugh if I told them. When I did tell them I'd get a few strange looks like "Aren't you too old for that". I enjoyed the day very much and was able to paly the album at the proper volume until my wife came home from work.

49 and still rocking, saw Ozzy back in the 70's

I'm 37 years old. My first listen to Ozzy (Black Sabbath) was in 1978. I was nine and at that time a Kiss fan. Ozzy just clicked. I can't explain it. When I was about 13, I mailed him pictures of all the Ozzy posters on my walls. I wish I could tell him how much I enjoy his concerts and watching him smiling at the audience. Every year when he comes out on stage, I CRY like a baby. It's my dream come true to see him in concert every year. I may never meet him and am just a speck in the audience, but my love for his music grows with each album (excuse me, CD) he comes out with. We are all truly blessed by being veteran Ozzy fans.

Hello Ozz-family...I'm 38 from Texas and have been an Ozzy/Black Sabbath fan since the late 70's...I bought my first radio when I was like 9yrs old and tuned it into 97.1 The Eagle out of Dallas, Tx. and have been rocking out ever since... Even from that early age I was more into the Heavy Metal music...Black Sabbath is still one of my favorite bands and I think Ozzy has a lot to do while that....Simple put OZZY f***IN' ROCKS!!
I've been to 5 Ozzfest in a row and although I missed the show the last couple of years, I will definetly be there this year so I'll see ya there...The new single off the new album is rockin' harder than ever...I cant wait to hear the rest of the new album (that I perorder April 07) and it should be here any day now...I'm sure its gonna be awsome, as all Ozzy's albums are...Later Ozzfans

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LONG LIVE OZZY AND ROCK N ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

45 years young here in calif. will be at both northern cal shows.saw ozzy in '79 with sabbath at long beach arena. ramones opened the show. look for lamb of god to steal the show this year. look for me in the pit.

39 here and waiting online in my nice cozy home is crazy compared to how we used to get tickets. I loved sleeping outside for days waiting in line with total stangers just to get up to the window and have them say they were sold out. The party lines for the tickets were almost as much fun as the concerts were. I miss thoses and Drive-In movies!! I guess I am getting old!

KarieDee You know what? Your posts holds a lot of truth. What-ever situation you are facing in life, Ozzy has a song that fits it to the tee. He also has a song to provide you with the answers to change what is going on if you don't like it. I always go back to Ozzy when I need guidence from something. He has this "way" of making all the stuipd s*** all go away....... Love the new CD love all of his music. I am really tired of him being bashed but I guess there are people out there that are so low within themselves with esteem they have to bash a rock legend. It is sad. I really do feel sorry for those people now. Yeah Scapegoat it took some time to figure out that it was a waist of time. I learned though and Ozzy lead me back home to where I belonged.......

Love you Ozzy and Sharon......... Will be good to see you again next month.... ;)

I'm 35 and I'm in denial. lol.

Does anybody know how I can find a copy of the 1989 PAY PER VIEW CONCERT AT THE TOWER THEATER IN PHILLY? I was there. Made it on stage when the crowd rushed the stage. I was arm in arm with the Man (His left side specifically).

(Sorry Ozzy, didn't mean to tear your shirt off but when that big black guy grabbed me and threw me back into the crowd, mini skirt and all, I just didn't have anything else to hold onto!)

At one point Zakk jumped off stage and played his guitar directly in front of me. I was in heaven. If I didn't pass out towards the end of the concert and get carried out by two staff members I would have made it back stage for sure!

Can't wait for Ozzfest this year!

Hello to all the young at heart! I'm 45, and have been a fan... my whole life. My mother was a fan - the Black Sabbath records I took from her collection and my own collection of Ozzy solo are now (somehow) in the hands of my son. Three generations of fans and he's still rockin' our asses off. I think that's incredible. I can't wait to introduce the next line in our lineage to some amazing music. (Although I'm told not to hold by breath for that grandchild.)

Hi BigTom,

Glad to see a lot of us "old folks" here on the board.

I'm 38 and I love Ozzy! I got tickets to two Ozzfest shows this year!

Hey,Big Tom thanks for putting up this blog! For the first time everyone seems to have a common love for OZZY. It's really nice to see so many fans express feelings for OZZY. That's Awesome!!! And for all the loyal fans out there thank you for loving the man. I guess we all have something in common. Can't wait for July 21st, Devore, Ca. I am there. OZZY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!! You've got to believe in foolish miracles. It's not how you play the game,It's if you win or lose.You can choose.Don't confuse.It's up to you.


IT'S HOW U FEEL..........


I'm 39, going on 40. I have listened to OZZY since the day I first heard "IRON MAN". That song just blew my brains out. My dad hated it.. and I loved it even more.. That song gave me goosebumps, and still does.

Read somewhere that OZZY was back again... Did anyone think he was gone...?

Have been a faithful fan of the OZZMAN since the beginning of time, and have past the legacy of the OZZMAN on to my children..


Hi Everyone
50 Years young here & still Rockin to Ozzy's music. I been listening to his music since the early 70's. I have saw a many of his concerts when he came here to my home town of Evansville, Indiana. I'm a Fan to many Rockers, But in my Mind, Ozzy is the King of Rock-N-Roll!!!!


I'm 55 here. Have listened to Ozzy since 1970. Last time I seen him in concert was when I was 30. Couldn't hear for 6 hours. It was great. Rock on!!!

hello youngins,
change the name to room...lol...0zzy a little older than me and I see 1 in room is...time dosen"t
forget it just moves on...no matter ow much time has passed between i will always remember
his start to now...us young farts were his best friends...listeners...he still tries to bounce around
a little on the leg...must be our YOUTH catchin up 2 us...like us his music lives on...