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Ozzy Osbourne Friday Night Pittsburgh, PA

Ozzy Was Awesome Friday Night !!!!! He Really Sounded Great and Rocked Pittsburgh,PA. He played some of his Own Hits when he was an artist on his new, some Black Sabbath Songs , and 2 off his new Cd Black Rain. Ozzy had alot of fun with this gun that squirted out foam. It kind of looked like the fire extinguiser stuff but I think it was just some type of foam haha. Also Ozzy kept throwing buckets of water in the crowd. Ozzy still jumps around and really gets the crowds interaction. It was a great show overall by Ozzy. And also Ozzy's Guitarist may be the best I've ever seen. He was playing like Hendrix. He did a long like 12 minute solo where he was playing behind his back and even was playing with his teeth which is just insane. He also rocked out to the Star Spangled Banner. It was truely a sight and was indeed a great concert.


As this was my first Ozzfest and seeing Ozzy live for the first time, I was totally in awe! I was blown away by the amount of people that were there. Everyone was having an awesome time and the only time it got a little crazy was during Lamb of God. That circle pit was huge!!! All of the bands sounded very good live. The only band i was even remotely disappointed in was Static-X. They sounded good but their stage show was low energy compared to everyone else, but it was very hot that day and everyone was so hot. Everyone in Lordi must have really been sweating their balls off. They were in full costume for their whole set. They put on one hell of a stage show, with the costume and all the pyro! I really like Devil Driver, too! It was indescribable to see Ozzy and Zak on stage together!! Zak's rendition of the star-spangled banner was out-of-this-world! I loved just standing there and listening to 20,000 people plus singing all the words to Ozzy's songs correctly. It was like no one missed a word or was off even by a nuance. Being there, was one of the best experiences of my life. It's definitely a story that I will be telling my children and grandchildren(if I have any,children are 5) in the years to come!!!!

Yeah when Zack played the Star Spangled Banner for a couple of years after 9/11, it was about 15 minutes long. It was one hell of a solo.......... I wouldn't say he is close to Jimmy. There is no-on that is that good and I don't think that there ever will be. BUT Zack is a killer guitarist....... As is welllll I'll let OZZYjohn answer that one cause I am in the doghouse and I can't type anymore or I'll get caught.... LOL

Love you all Rose

Goodbye to Romance

Dear Ozzy, I sincerely hope you read this and have sympathy for this tale of woe. I had two tickets for this "Ozzfest" in Pittsburgh, PA, but missed the show. I come from Erie, PA, where you used to play, and it's where I still live, unfortunately. I have never had the pleasure of seeing you live before. I have problems with my health, physical and mental, as do my "friends" from Erie who refused to support me and go with me on this three hour trip to the "Ozzfest 2007". Can you offer me a consolation prize, perhaps tickets to one of your nearby shows? I am 40 years old and am a lifelong fan of yours. I grew up a relatively poor boy and never had extra money to go to any concerts. To this day, I could still be considered poor. Imagine how bad I feel about missing this golden opportunity to see you live, as bad luck reared it's ugly head again and I just couldn't make it to the sold out show. God bless you for giving us poor folks the chance to see you free of charge! Is there any way that you can offer me any kind of compensation for my situation, perhaps one or two free tickets to one of your shows in or near Erie, PA, where you used to perform in past years? They have just finished a new convention center here in Erie, PA, perhaps you could perform here. If not, thank you for at least reading this.

Love always, "Down and Out" Dave K. in Erie, PA.