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sir gimpalot for prime minister or king


President: Asylum
VP: Jessica

andy there was a law passed to let any american become president,wether they were born there or not,,that law passed just after arnie got into being the governator


Ozzy is the president!!!!!!!!

Al those years ago, Alice Cooper could have run and achieved the position of president of the united States of America. Like Arnie, Ozzy would be barrrrrred, as they were not born in the US. Shame, I know, got to go,there is a cold one waiting form me, hahahahahahahahahahaha

Number 1

I love Bush! Oh, you meant the president!

Yes I think so.. Go Ozzy!!

Id vote for him ,hed have to be better than Bush...

Could be very interesting.
Ciao, Nette

He can't cuz he wasn't born in the US, but i'd vote for him

it would be weird having ozzy as pres. he'd probably make everybody do drugs or something. don't get the wrong idea, i am an ozzy fan.

Sorry not born in this country

It would be like another Clinton White House. The First Lady would actually run the country. lol
I'd vote for him!

Shoot.... I'd vote for a bum in the street over George W. "The Idiot / Greedy Little Spoiled Rich Kid" Oh no.... I'm talkin' politics.... Sorry. lol


O Z Z Y - R U L E Z !