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Let me ask you, does it just annoy the HELL out of you when people judge him for what they saw on The Osbournes??? I know it does me....i put the pieces together and what I saw was a human work in he's not perfect, so he says f*** and b**** and every other four-letter word every five seconds....well, at least that's what MTV wanted us to believe...they taped 24 hours a day, according to his daughter, and they used what they thought were the "funniest bits" to get a rise out of people, and it worked....i didn't find it funny at all...i found it sad, and hurtful. I mean, just to get through the "cancer phase"......that took such courage....i couldn't believe he didn't send all the cameras to hell in a handbasket....I think he's a wonderful man. I dont know him, but i feel like i do, you know? I think he has wisdom beyond even our comprehension and intelligence that we SERIOUSY underestimate him for.....i get all emotional when i talk about him...he's much more than people give him credit for being...and i'll always love and respect him for that