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Oh Mamma you are so right about Ozzy.... He is very very intelligent. Also he cannot get through a sentence without saying a four letter word anywhere. That is just the way he is. He cusses all the f****** time on stage, off stage, in the shower, in the bus, back stage, in his house, on a jet, you name it, he does it. The ONLY time that I saw him behave himself was when he and Tony and MaCarney all did Paranoid at Buckinham Palace in London. Ozzy bit his tounge cause he DID NOT want to wind up in the Tower of London and he was performing for the Queen.... :-) LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He actually made it through that whole part of that show without saying one bad word..... That must have killed him LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Rose............................
Goodbye to Romance