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wow....approaching him, i dont know what i'd say, it might all come out at once (which i think might scare him.....) so probably best to take it slow and just ask politely for his time and go from there....i'd give what i ain't got for a shot to even send him an email that i can be SURE would get to him and that i KNOW i'd get something back, he HAS to know how I feel, it's a personal thing with me....he NEEDS to know what an impact he's had in my know, a while back someone posed the question about what it is we like about Ozzy, and I believe I have an answer...I think he embodies what it is to be a success when you are true to yourself. Plain and simple. He has never ONCE sold out to anyone and lived his life the way someone else thought he ought to or put out music that someone else or some other conglomerate (spelling??)thought he should because it'd be more "accepted" by the masses. It was "BLAM", in your face the way HE saw it..isn't that what we love about artists and why we listen to them, to see how THEY see life? We are looking at life through their eyes....and that's cool about Ozzy....he'll ALWAYS be matter whether it's 2007, or 2037.....and THAT is why I love him....and i'm sure I"ll find other reasons too as I sit and think about it and listen to his music.