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Hello to Ozzy Fans Everywhere

Just wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I am Nette in Golden, Colorado and total Ozzy fan. Trying to do new things like get involved in things like this and meet people who have similar interests as I do, as I am a newly single mom, as my husband has issues (like his head inserted up his ASS ) and we have separated and I have little hope that we can resolve our differences, but who knows maybe he will totally surprise me.. But we do have a beautiful baby boy and I don't regret a minute with his daddy, because without him, I would not have the one I love best. I have been an Ozzy fan since 7th Grade (when I got the wild hair up my ass to rebel against my parents and Country & Western music). I had a huge (25 lb) black and white cat named Ozzy. He sadly passed away three months after my son was born (2005). Well, hope everyone has a great day. We have a 125 lb Rottie as well, but my husband will be taking him soon, as he is technically his. So I will get a new rottie pup. If I get a male, I am considering Mr. Crowley as a name. If we get a female who knows! Open to suggestions for either if anyone has ideas. (ozzy/sabbath related of course).

So this in a nutshell (a really tiny one) is.

So Hello Everyone.


ROFLMFA very funny ladies think they need a little KY or surgery...........lmao

I can truly relate to what you're saying.... I've been there, done it too and have 2 beautiful daughters out of it!! They are 20 and 21. Been on my own with them and our dog...my dog now that they've moved out, a shephardX . She's beautiful too, and just 4 yrs. old. My ex, who cares what he's up too, he too has got his head up his ass and probably something else too...... but don't give a s***!!!!! I live my life, and him....??????