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You should have come to St. Louis!!
It was beastly hot, but all in all the crowd was awesome!!
NO throwing things, no rude people, even security was helpful and friendly.

We had two sets of tickets, two seat locations and changed them frequently depending on what band was on the mainstage.

During Ozzy we went down to the closest seats which happened to be right behind the "VIP" Section.
No one was sitting in the area right in front of us, so I jokingly asked a security person, "If you don't see me go down there, you'll just think I belong there right?"
He smiled and said, "If you're down there, you're there."
Then he turned around and walked a few feet away.

My wife and I naturally took the opportunity to go ahead and duck under the separating bar and a few ducks later and we were in what was for the most part, the 3rd or 4th row.

It totally rocked!

St. Louis is so the place to be for Ozzfest!!