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Being 50 ( lolol ) I'm going to cheat and do a cut and paste lolol
I'm going back to the early 70's here when I first heard of Ozzy and Black Sabbath.
My family weren't into modern music back then unless it was classical rubbish ( don't mind some classical now but not back then lolol ) I was around at a mates place and on the local radio I heard a tune which really blew my mind and I found out that it was Supernaut from the album Volume 4 ( as if no one knew that ) So with my next paper round money I went to the local music shop and bought the cassette of the album. I took it around to my mates place and played it on his player.
I was absolutely amazed by the style of music as well as the words to the songs. I instantly fell in love with "Changes" and I needed to find out more about this group. Now you must remember that the only time I got to listen to modern music back then was at my mates place so I already knew about Hendrix, Joplin, Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull. I quickly found that Black Sabbath filled a void that was missing in my music tastes and I grabbed their music with both hands. From that point onwards I have been a Sabbath fan through and through and even nw at 50 I still blast them when I am working at home ( much to the disgust of the neighbours lolol ) Out of all the albums which are many my most played ones are " Mob Rules", "We Sold our souls for Rock n Roll'

After Ozzy was sacked or left BS Ronnie James Dio took over and I sort of lost touch with what Ozzy was doing up until a few years ago when Sharon had her TV show. I decided I should find oout what the Oz was doing so I downloaded a few tracks. Naturally he was still doing the Sabbath stuff but I was really impressed with his own music do I went to the local music shop and pestered them to get in some Ozzy albums for me. I must admit I don't like all of his stuff but what I do like I REALLY DO LIKE. I have 4 or 5 of his albums now and I also give them a blast too lolol Funnily enough my most favourite song is "Perry Mason" but then again I'm old enough to remember the TV show lolol

Anyway to finish this off I never thought Ozzy would make it to 45 let alone to the age he is now but I'm glad that Sharon got behind him and straighted him out somewhat because he is still as great as ever.