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What Ozzy is doing by not doing an album is denying Tony (note the ""y" not the "i" Toni Iommi is Tony Iommi's daughter) Geezer, and Bill the chance. I've read interviews from all 4 about the 2001 sessions and the other three have positive things to say about the material. I don't know about you guys but everyone I talk to loves Scary Dreams and if that is any indication of what the songs were like then they were great. I've seen Scary Dreams advertised as a demo from 1969. People hear and and think it is the classic Sabs, and isn't that what Ozzy wants, yet they only played it for one tour.

Don't get me wrong I love Ozzy and his solo material there isn't a song of his that I don't love but if he isn't serious about a new album I wish he'd let Tony, Geezer, and Bill move on without him. I new studio album with Dio or Tony Martin would be fabulous but I think Ozzy holds the rest back. Thats certainly the case with the set list.