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Its funny you say that, because I started out on a six and made that jump down to four. lol
Mostly because of time being an issue, I started playing when I was only 16, or 17, and I wanted to play in a band so freakin bad that I went to bass. I still play both, but to be honest my heart lies with the bass guitar, I think thats because my first rock hero was the demon, better know as Gene I will market anything for a buck Simmons. lmfao!

Anyway since Gene I have admired many, such as Les Claypool, Cliff Burton, and of course our boy Geezer! Oh and of course Lemmy! lol

Later my peeps!

<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>