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Bash The Ticket Sales Giant

To Ozzy and all of the fans out there...
I would like to bash a certain ticket sales giant and their inability to give good customer service to loyal fans of many artisits including the great ozzy. I recently tried to purchase some great floor seats for 274.00 dollars. There were so many mistakes made by this company (the name starts with a "t" and has "master" in it) my roomate ended up getting seats that were still on the floor, but not even close to where we wanted, and he too had mistakes. Just wanted to start the rant towards the ticket sales (and many extra fees) groups. To ozzy and everyone else out there, ROCK ON and see you at the show!!!!

Franklin Merchant and Matthew Fursa


TicketBastard sucks a big bag of hairy rhino c**ks

Ticketbastard started the NYC presale 2 1/2 hours late.

TicketBastars ridiculous add-on fees just kill me. Why does it cost $3.60 to mail a 41 cent envelope? And they when I buy 3 pairs of tickets, I pay the mail fee 3 times.