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I agree with Ozzy that it would tarnish their legacy if they recorded a new album. It would be like when Michael Jordan returned to basketball the last time and he didn't do so well. He could have went out on top, but instead he came back and didn't play as well anymore. If Ozzy were to record a new album with Sabbath, I am willing to be that even though it would undoubtedly be good, there would be a lot of people who would talk s*** about it and most people would not like it as well as the classic albums. It's hard to match the quality of classic albums like the Ozzy years Sabbath recordings and it might change Sabbath's (with Ozzy) history from being a band known for releasing all kick ass albums to "Remember when they tried to release that new album and it was a total flop?" I'm not saying I know for sure that it would be a flop and I'm definitely not saying that it wouldn't be a good album, just that it most likely would not live up to everyone's expectations and would be a risk to their legacy. Ozzy still kicks ass today like he always has, but to expect him and the rest of the band to match their performances of over 30 years ago is not realistic. As someone else put it, we should be glad that Ozzy is still around making his own kick ass music and I don't think anyone has given as much to his fans as Ozzy has. Long live The Prince of Darkness!