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I will take your word for it bro, I wasn't 100% sure about Zakk or not, even with you pointing out he was only 15 years old. I know Joe had lessons, and you could hear it when you seen him live, Joe kicked ass on the Randy solos, it was kind of freaky hearing them played that well, nothing against Zakk. Zakk does a great job at them as well, but Zakk has kind of done his own thing with them, where Joe played them almost note for note, it was the best I have ever heard anyone cover those songs since Randy, but thats my personal feelings on the matter, someone else may think Zakk does them better, wink, wink! lmfao!

Ok I went and double checked to be sure, & you where correct outlaw Randy didn't give Zakk any lessons, instead I found this little bit of info, & found it interesting as hell.

<cite>Zakk Wylde's guitar-playing style is characterized by his use of pinch harmonics and wide/aggressive vibrato. His guitar soloing technique is usually characterized by use of the minor pentatonic scale, playing rapid box-pattern licks using strict alternate-picking, creating a very distinctive, choppy style of playing. Another notable feature of Wylde's playing is his liberal use of "chicken pickin' ," a technique which is usually associated with country music, and which is (comparatively) rarely seen in heavy metal; a technique he has stated as being picked up from watching Albert Lee.</cite>

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