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Anyone got the song "Love to Hate"?

Hey out there. Anyone got the song "Love to Hate" that was apparently only available as a pre-release song and now there is no way to get it! I have tons of rare and LIVE stuff so if you are interested in trading for the song just let me know and I can email you a copy of my list!


We all get Love To Hate !Please check the other post before create a new post.

Well maybe if people would just TRADE it or at least tell us where to get it instead of replying with a smart alec remark maybe I would not have to start a new post! And to what post are you referring, I went like 5 pages back and found others who want the song but still cannot get it!

What's your email? I have "Love to Hate" plus many more rare studio and live stuff. Always looking to trade.

I will trade with you with pleasure ! But please look at the other page and mail a post don't create another page.If you want it let me you're email and mail me you're song list and am gonna mail you Love To Hate !

Anyone wanting to trade can email me at I have tons of Ozzy live and studio rarities plus many other artist.