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Welcome Back!

Ozzy, I know that sometimes your agent picks up some of the comments from your sites since you once replied personally to me. I've never been a Sabbath fan, but have followed your solo career with interest for the past 30-plus years since we are the same age. Wanted to tell you congratulations on the release of "Black Rain." You and Zakk are in rare form! Although I love your "Covers" release, this is by far the best original work you've done since "Down to Earth."

Since I'm older than most of the forum posters, it's interesting that many of the young people today think they "discovered" you, when people like me have listened to your music for longer than they have been alive. It is especially interesting to hear young fans refer to you as their "God." I know this must distress you; your lyrics of "I Don't Know" make is very clear that you're just a guy with an incredible talent and staying-power and hate being thought of as some kind of prophet or diety. Of course, contrary to popular belief, not only are you not some Satanic nut case, but merely "a simple man who's so afraid....waiting for the Light to guide you home." Your, uh, "older" fans understand this, and that your "Prince of Darkness" personna is a PERFORMANCE; it's not who you really are. Like others (Alice Cooper, Kiss, David Bowie...) you're a performance artist, not some drugged-out Satan worshiper; "they say I worship the Devil...they must be crazy, all right." You're just a rock and roll rebel, and your older listeners know this.

Again, bravo on proving that you're still the Master of Disaster in "Black Rain." It's great to have you sober, and at the very top of your form. See you in Billings!

Kind regards,

Siobahn in Montana


Bravo, bravo, bravo.......i´m conecting with you! I´m a little younger, 39, but also began listening Ozzy since he began his solo carreer. I´m from Guatemala, Central America, and was wondering why is it that Ozzy has never been rocking at our country. I don´t know if he has been to Mexico but we are just a little bit south. There are millions of Ozzy fans down here at Central and South America. We love you Ozzy, you´re the greatest!.
Carlos in Guatemala

Yes yes. again I´m Carlos from Guatemala. I forgot to log on, jajaja