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Please e-mail me as Lord or DevildPriest I have had no known e-mails yet and misspelled DenvilsPriestknownasLORD is supposed to be DevilsPriestknownas LORD. I also have an e-mail address but cannot recieve toolbar as of yet so I do not not no I e-mails will go Through please contact me as LORD or d. for I do not have current pc. FOR it to be done thy mails about ozzy and shalt be more. Thy e-mails will be answerd and thy e-mails shall be as they where and is. Thy names shall be in thy book and I DevilsPriest have been waiting for thy write book known in germany. Tank You x1976.rockandroll@yahoo.comDevilsPriestknownasLORD(D.E.L.Jr.)1915391121421251186151814152051825bbigooadb2011411251521.


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