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Black Rain - My Review

Ozzy Black Rain:

Initial impression. CD and cover art look nothing like what I have seen on the net. Very simple design. Looks awesome. First Cardboard cd cover from Ozzy (unless you count Live and loud with the grill)

Stream of conscience review

Not going away – Great guitar solo. Lyrically ok. Good heavy song

I don’t wanna stop - another great guitar solo from Zakk. Love the bass line and underlying beat.

Black Rain – Harmonica start – cool. Odd beat to it. Think this one will grow on me but first impression not the best Ozzy I have heard. Like the outtro.

Lay your world on me. Slow song. Like the melody line. Has got a Momma I’m coming home type of feel to it.

The almighty dollar – fun bass line. Down and dirty Ozzy vocals. Not sure I like the bridge but the rest of it is great. Very different Ozzy song. Synth outro. Like it. Very Beatlesque feel to it but heavy.

11 Silver - BLS feel to this song. Sounds like crowd noise in the background. Like at a concert – chanting Yeah, yeah yeah. Good guitar work by Zakk. Definitely a Zakk song. Like the bass too.

Civilize the universe – more BLS (which is a good thing) . Ozzy sounds great. Like the attitude in the lyrics and vocals. Ozzy singing with conviction. Post solo drum and guitar, great rhythm.

Here for you – Zakk on paino? Power Ballad. Love Ozzy’s voice on this.

Countdowns begun – Nice heavy intro. Down beat guitar work. Armageddon. Think this could be faster but pretty good. Zakk starts the solo even before the solo is set to begin, like he can’t wait to get into it. Like the enthusiasm… Ultimate sin?

Trap door – Heavy. Hope this keeps up!! Great beat. Ozzy is awesome on this. Best song on the album?!? Absolutely!! Awesome heavy song. Wish there was more of this on here!

The end. No bonus tracks or anything.

Can’t wait to get this home and on my home stereo.

Not the best review I know but initial, untainted impression. Very different Ozzy album. Does have a NO more tears feel to it but less polished. Trap door is awesome. Civilize the universe and not going away are good too. Favorite is Trap door and Almighty Dollar. Which is saying something because I really like I don’t wanna stop but these two are unique for Ozzy.

Anyway, my opinion. Take from it what you will



Only heard the first few songs.. Siunds great so far..

About all the peopel b****ing about the cover.

Start thinking about the enviorment.. Maybe they did.. There is no need for all that extra plastic and crap at all... If you want pictures there are plenty to download on the internet... Its all about the music..

great cd i got it from target and the package sucks its the cardboard thing just like the ones you guys are getting from sony and it has the code to get the free ozzfest tix... also

Mine should be in my mailbox Saturday.... CAN'T WAIT!!!

O Z Z Y - R U L E Z !

great album why is everyone so worried about the case ? iam not its about supporting ozzy the best front man ever

Cool stuff!

Love the music. I listened to it 4 times this morning already. Thank you GOD! Zakk is back, as is Ozzy! Glad to hear a better band, and producer. So much better than "Down To Earth", and "Under Cover". Still they are good, just not the best. The cover art is great, just cheap packageing. Had to get all info off web site. Oh well...
Also check out URIAH HEEP. They STILL rock, and have a new CD coming out in September. 35 + years, not bad!! Just like the Grandfather of f***ing Rock Ozzy,[as Zakk calls him], they Still are the s***! Always have been, always will be.
Just saw Roger Waters in concert at Ford Amphatheatre, in Tampa on 5-19-07. Another great show to see. Just as good as Floyd, in Tampa, in 1978! [Animals tour!]
Anyway-OZZY rocks-once again!!! Glad you are back!!!
Zakk"s "Shot To Hell" is great too.
Jim Russell, Sr
Tampa, Florida.@ 5-22-07, 8:16am.

can't wait to get mine and play it ever day till I get tired of it which I probably wont.

Ozzy rules!!

here is a review I did when I got the album

I am slightly disappointed about the bonus tracks. If only I'd know earlier. Other than that I think this is a very strong album.

Not Going Away - opening this album is a great heavy riff. Lyrically it reminds me of Gets Me Through from Ozzy's last album Down To Earth. A real floor stomping track. The solo is nothing too special but I think the song needed it, and I really like the effects after the solo. At first I thought Ozzy was going to attempt to growl like all the nu metal bands out there.

I Don't Wanna Stop - there is something not quite right about the drums in the intro muffled or something. Sounds like the tone Ozzy has on the covers he did. I really like the lyrics though great work on that front. Very Zakk-esque solo a perfect fit. All in all its a pretty good song but I don't think it'll make any of my top lists or personal compilations.

Black Rain - title track alright!!!! I was very excited when I heard the harmonica but as I listen I don't think its Ozzy playing unless he recorded the vocals over it. It'd be impossible for him to do both live. This song has an almost blue grass bass groove in the first few minutes. Again great lyrics and the vocal effect fit well. Very unique and surprising that it works when we get to the bridge and the chanting "Left, left, left right left". No solo but the end sets up for a great place to have either a drum or guitar solo. I really hope they do this live.

Lay Your World On Me - I'm thinking about cutting the first drum easures out of my mp3 file so it just start with the bass. Here is a mello one but following other mello songs of his, a very personal and very relevant in my personal life. A song to lift you lighters (or cell phones nowadays) to. Miss the epic solo from Zakk. There is a point where it sounds as if Zakk is going to do one but it doesn't happen. That the only negative thing I feel about this one.

The Almighty Dollar - From mello to heavy as hell opening riff that tetters off into a bass groove. Socially relevant lyrics but I'm not sure Ozzy is the right person to sing about it. I'm not too into the piano part the lingers for a few moments. And only a tiny solo from Zakk (if you can even call it that.

11 Silver - When I imported my CD this track came up as "Silver" but everywhere else lists the track as "11 Silver". A fast paced song with a great riff by Zakk. Vocal effect are a little over the top. I enjoy the chanting, I can envision them doing this one live with the crowd chanting "Oye, Oye, Oye" along with with. This is a song to listen to the solo a bit short but its pretty fitting. In the end you can hear Ozzy say "Is that the last song" which makes me think the 11 wasn't origionally supposed to be there. Like it was the 11th track recorded and when they were reworking the ordering for the album the 11 was brought in with Silver.

Civilize The Universe - This track struck me when I was reading the tracklisting on the back. Reminisant of I Don't Know but what I really love about this song is Ozzy's melody. Very deep and I just love the lyrics. The bridge doesn't setup for the solo very well and the solo is again short. But there is a nice spot for live bass and drum improvisions. This went immediately into my "Ozzy Osbourne +" playlist.

Here For You - another slow one. Wonderdul orchestral workings. An instant sing-along. Great melody by Ozzy and great lyrics, I just love them. A teaser of an epic solo but again we don't get one \:\( , maybe live.

Countdown's Begun - Great title to begin with. Another one that fits well with Down To Earth. Ozzy revisits a more politcal lyrical content like War Pigs and Killer Of Giants. Another setup for what would have been a great place for a big solo. A pretty good song overall.

Trap Door - great way to end the album. The intro made me think of Magica by Dio . Heavy vocal effect but not over the top. A song that will get your head banging and your fists pounding the air. The ending is a little weird at first but the band pulls it together in the end.

Overall feelings - I think this is a very stong album a great surprise after reading some reviews s***ing on it. My only complaints are that I wish I was informed about the bonus track earlier and there are not enough solos. I really hate this idea that once there is a solo on a song it sounds dated. I don't think every song needs a solo but a lot of these songs would be much better with solos/longer solos. Hopefully When it comes to doing these songs live Zakk will get some shredding in.

i got the civilize the universe chorus stuck in my head

Great Album. Very Very Pleased!

1. Not Going Away- I love this song. very heavy and hard. I love the nu-metalish growls in the middle(but glad he didnt take that too far)

2. I DOnt Wanna Stop-Great song. glad this was the single. got me very pumped for the album.

3. Black Rain- Very old school song, of all 10 tracks this one reminds me the most of a Sabbath song. I hear the old Sab influence. The harmonica, the lyrics, the dark gloony sound, and i like the little jam session at the end, it doesnt just end with the last line of the chorus, very Iommi.

4. Lay Your WOrld On Me- as of now my favorite song on the album. Very dark and gloomy at first, but then after the first few lines it warms up a little and becomes more obviously a ballad. Reminds me of my girlfriend, Sharon.

5. The Almighty Dollar- good song. at times reminds me a BIT of Pink Floyd and others NIN, but with a cool Ozzy spin. I love the way he delivers the lyrics. and a great concept

6. 11 Silver- good old drug song. like many have said a very BLS feel. Love the vocal effects!

7. Civilize The Universe- as of right now my least fav song on the album and i still like it. Good opening

8. Here FOr You- Great, great ballad. I loved this song from the time I heard the sample on

9. COuntdown's Begun- another good song. Great lyrics

10. Trap Door- ANother very different sounding song for Ozzy, but he makes it work. Good song. I cant stop singing "standing on the trap door" over and over another good experiment with the vocals that worked

There you can listen new songs if you want. i cant wait so i listened all one time. Its gonna be f***ing great album again. Ozzy you did it again, Kicks Ass \,,/

- Bleed for Ozzy & Black Label Society -


Review is ok....I feel quite the same. but I think I have to listen to the songs really often to make up my mind....I really love a song if I still like it after 100 times I've heard it ;) But I'm pretty impressed by the record so far! really like it

Who said there's no treasure at the end of the rainbow??

You can definetly tell that Zakk and Ozzy wrote most of it... the whole album has a BLS feel to it... but you can also hear the old skool influence in it... i.e. the intro of I Don't Wanna Stop


Got it. LOVE IT! But the CD Packaging SUCKS!
Is this just for the pre-order? Is the store cds gonna be better packaged? (like with at least a booklet?)
O Z Z Y - R U L E Z !

Does anyone else think the intro to "Black Rain" and "Countdown's Begun" sound the same?

I love the cd so far but what's with the cover? It really sucks...not even a real box...just cheap card box and no booklet and no lirycs....I can't believe that Sharon and Ozzy would let that happen....the music is great for you is great.

Ozzy rules!!

this is a fckn kick ass c.d.!!!!!!!!!!! TRAP DOOR RULZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all you people who are whining about the packaging, all I have to say is: YOU HAVE NO APPRECIATION FOR GOOD ROCK N ROLL!!! It seems like every new CD that comes out needs a "bonus disk CD ROM/DVD" to make a good impression on fans. I think the stripped down packaging only adds to this masterpiece. Get rid of the garbage, get rid of the six extra songs you weren't going to listen to anyway, and it leaves you with what you were really buying anyway.... THE MUSIC!

(Plus the guy is puttin on a free tour for all you whiny maggots anyway. Who can really complain if he cut some of his annual expenses by simplifing the packaging?)

BOTTOM LINE: Quit your b****ing and jam out for Christ sake!!!

agree about the booklet... i wanted some fresh pictures and some lyrics!! but hey... can't resist