You know we are on this site because we all love Ozzy. We obviously would take Ozzy over Dio. But you know opinions are like ass-holes - everyone has one. I personally did not come on here to be brought down by someone who has such a horrible attitude and a shallow mind to lower himself to the same level of those who are childish enough to bad mouth Ozzy. Your attitude of "Dio is a f***ing Drawf Idiot" and "his fans are dumb as s***" is shallow and childish! You give those who know that words are just that and are true Ozzy fans and can respect the work of others at the same time, a bad name. But lets give a cliche that seems to be as childish you are acting. "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.". All I can really say is Grow Up. You cannot compare the two, it is like apples to oranges.
Ciao, Nette