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Actually Ozzy did pretty much the normal stuff on stage. He did a lot of jumping jacks/leap frog jumps and he was back and forth a lot. Crowley IMO was pretty wild. The bells were louder than usual. I loved the crowd. The security was trying to keep everyone in check but they finally just gave up LOL. I remember a few of them running around telling people to sit down and back up. YEAH right like how the hell are you going to sit at a show like this. LOL......... Lights were right on....... There weren't that many piros but didn't need them...... Of course the end got kind of wild....... I was very shocked to see how well he did with Black Sabbath songs........ It was really really loud and the guitars were in tune right on the money. There wasn't much flaw at all between the effects of sound. Ozzys voice was incredible (barring a few minor cracks).... We all love him though and as time as gone on, how the hell can he be like he was 35 years ago. None of us are......... I was running around lot so I didn't see all of the show. I heard it all and I saw most of it but I did take some breaks........ It was a very very long concert..... :-)

All in all....... it was the MUSIC that made this show rock. I can't find Seattle. I think that it blew off the planet. It may or may not come back LOL........ I'll come back later.... I am still very very tired........

Love you all...........

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