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I posted the setlist below. One of you asked about stage details. Ozzy doesn't really have too much in the way of stage extras. He has a little bit of pyro, but that's it. There is also the typical 3-5 minute video with various Ozzy comedic sketches just before they take the stage. The sketches included spoofs on Entourage, The Queen, The Sopranos, Lost, & Dancing With The Stars.

The Zombie stage set was much more impressive. The drum riser sits 12 feet in the air atop a giant sculpture of a demon face. There were a pair of large video screens placed symmetrically on either side of the stage, with 2 smaller pairs of screens below. The video screens play cut scenes from a couple Rob Zombie movies as well as some creepy Manson-era stuff, gory surgical footage, and horror themed cartoons. There is a placard bearing the word "ZOMBIE" attached to a skull that hangs up high in the middle of the stage. Scantily clad dancers come on the stage in various places during certain songs and dance rhythmically w/ pom poms, etc. During "More Human Than Human" a giant 10 foot tall evil robot gets on stage and walks around amongst the band.