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Myrtle Beach, SC - ???

Ozzy and Zombie are touring! What a great show that would be!!

IN 1999, here in the severed heart of Myrtle Beach, Kluckin Films was born. Both Ozzy and Zombie have played their parts in shaping our work. We are all fans of both of Ozzy and Zombie!!

Our first publicly recognized work was when we won first place with "Piggy", a short film we entered in the Rob Zombie/KZQ Short Horror Film Contest, in 2001

I spent many years on the road, with many big named bands, doing lighting and sound. It was one of my dreams to work with both of these guys! I never got the chance to work with Ozzy but did work with White Zombie.

It would be an honor of this tour would find itself booking a date in our area, so we can attend. Thanks for your consideration and influences to help us be where we are today.

Rock out with your kok out,
Kluckin Films


i live near myrtyle beach so i love it.