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Your top five greatest albums ever made!

I am curious to know your favorite top 5 picks for greatest album's of all time.

<strong>RULES ARE AS FOLLOWS:</strong>

It can be any jondra of your choice, but it must only consist of albums you consider remarkable from beginning to end, not an album that you consider having only a few hits, and the rest is mediocre at best, in other words it must measure up to a Diary, or a Dark Side of the Moon, sorry the partridge family’s greatest hits isn’t what I am looking for here.


The only other thing I ask is that these albums you pick must have had a profound effect on you, & have changed your look at how music should be made, other than that have fun!

<strong>My top five as of today are as follows:</strong>

<li>Master of Puppets - Metallica</li>
<li>Blizzard of Ozz - Ozzy Osbourne </li>
<li>2112 - Rush </li>
<li>The Wall - Pink Floyd</li>
<li>Revolver - The Beatles</li>

Note these are not in any piticular order, I love them all!


i wasnt born a waiter but i can do it for you


When i photograph them I will publish on my album pages! HAHA you will have to wait!

Number 1

cool ,,do you have any more of motorhead


My bro bought me when it came out " No Sleep to Hammersmith", go Ace of spades, Bomber, etc Ep with Girls school "St Valentines day masacar"

Number 1

cool but where does motorhead come in


Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Black Sabbath - Sabotage
Ozzy - Blizard of Oz
Ozzy - Daiary of a mad man

now did I leave a couple out as I can not count?

Number 1

fair enuf ozzy's whore but where is some death albums or a little black


Black Rain - Ozzy Osbourne
'White Album" - Beatles
How We Quit The Forest - Rasputina
See You On The Other Side - Korn
The Hurting - Tears For Fears

"you are my only daughter,
I guess I made you twice
You look inside my other,
He'll give you bad advice
I will tell I'm OK,
But deep inside I'm afraid"

-Ozzy Osbourne-

Muse's new one.
I like Alice in Chains new one cause it's sellable.
Megadeth cause it's where I would want to go.
Debbrah Harry - Neccessary Evil - Like I was a Cosmos Traveler and if you was there would you approve it as a farewell.

All those songs were great, all the way back to Inagotta devita.

hey blades why dont you put in your top five future albums and your top five here and now albums,,or a top ten mixed

Is number five open to a future like, or just don't have one at this time. I find it hard limiting my self to only five!

welcome Jester

1.) Lateralus - Tool
2.) Sabotage - Black Sabbath
3.) Load - Metallica
4.) Black Rain - Ozzy Osbourne
5.) ?

<em>Recognize this as a holy gift and
Celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing.</em>
<strong>-Maynard James Keenan</strong>

You have that right. God I loved him 33 years ago, and I love him today just as much. I miss his fringe shirts :o(. Sharon is quoted often saying they are "stupid." I hope that didn't stop him from wearing them. Now it's black fingernails (boo) and alway the goth look. I don't mind it sometimes, but I miss that part of him that was just Ozzy without all the doom $hit too.

No doubt. What I love about Ozzy is not only is he an artist, but hes also an entertainer. An artist is someone who can create great music, but can they entertain you with it? Ozzy can. He does it all. Thanks for the kind words.

"Help Me Save Me From Myself " - Ozzy

hey Jakester, awesome profile message...welcome to =) very touching how you came to love Ozzy and his music. i think Asylum is around your age too...if I'm not mistaken. young, old, we're all fans of the man of madness. what a performing artist huh?

hmmm interesting choice jakester

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

My Top Five would have to be:

1. "Diary of a Madman" - Ozzy Osbourne/"Master of Reality" - Black Sabbath

2. "Number of the Beast" - Iron Maiden

3. "Appetite for Destruction" - GN'R

4. "Cowboys From Hell" - Pantera

5. "Killing is my Business...And Business is Good!" - Megadeth

andy there all good albums mate nice choice,,cant bag you forthat,,maybe bag you for the high heels bubble wrapp and stuff like that but not your choice of albums

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

My word as FIRST for something then? hahahahahahahahahahaha

Number 1

im not hasslin you on that any

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

Blizzard of Ozz
Diary of a Mad man
No More Tears
Just Say Ozzy

Number 1

yes facial expressions gives up all ,,the eyes have it then the movements of each muscle

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

this is all speculation. surmising. conjecture. guesswork. hypothesis. surely. why, if we were to look closely at Andy, for reals...the truth might reveal itself to be altogether some other thing. it'd be in the slant of his eyebrows. in the wrinkles around his mouth. the lay of his nostrils. the lines on his forehead. all perhaps adding up to a tension of an altogether different sort. hmmm...we'll have to look very closely our next call, his webcam might reveal much that is left unknown to us at present.

yeah fuk retard bosses they suk

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

i guess...

must be that boss of his, laying into him again. makes the man feel like a worm, poor chap. you can almost visibly see him grow dagger teeth and switchblade claws. and the eyes? the eyes...mirror to the soul? ah yes, makes you shiver to look into them. hair stuck up in disorderly array around his head...why, the man is a sight to see indeed.

of course he is ,,he had a month off,,so its catch up,,hey mate

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

are you hitting the bottle again Andy? or playing too much in the dark with glowing wires?

SOAD is amazing. Godsmack is amazing.

the end.

sistom of the drain ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha good one andy

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

sistom of the drain (sorry) They murdered Snow Blind at the Sabbath Reunion

and have I mentions Gob sh i t were also ruined the Sabbath Reunion

Number 1

well awesome ragman ,,and hey blades i got all those albums ha ha ha ha,,the return mate well yes a fukin soul crushing album but i do slightly prefer under the sign of the black mark,,call from the grave just makes me hard ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ,,and the somg black metal pinches somethin in my brain,gives me chills-fukin awesome--yeah celtic frost are very cool bananas but i love their early endeavors from hellhammer,fuk me triumph of death is a bone rattler,,and what can we say about possessed,fukin awesome ,,seven churches--holy hell death to us - satan fell on holy lust,,ha ha ha ha ha oh the memories,,and meryful fate ,,well for me the album is in the begining--nuns have no fun ha ha ha ha ha
and ragman scroll down and you'll see my top five-ten,i really couldnt choose just five ha ha ha ha

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

1. VENOM-black metal
2.BATHORY-the return
3.CELTIC FROST-morbid tales
4.MERCYFUL FATE-dont break the oath
5.POSSESSED-7 churches

1. Pink Floyd, Animals
2. Metallica, S&M
3. Godsmack, Godsmack IV
4. System of a Down, System of a Down
5. Alice in Chains, Unplugged

of course there are my Ozzy favorites, but that would take all 5 spots and then some, so it's not fair.

well 38 did you really think i would of put a beatles album here ha ha ha ah nothing is stoppin from you doing it

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

wats going on hear people no beatles albums i,m not playing anymore

yeah with cliff they had this thing ,,its hard to find that in a band,,black sabbath had it going on,,

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

Well I think that everything after his death was awesome (except for St. Anger). It's just that their music with him was maybe better.


<strong> Kurt Cobain:</strong> <em>And I swear that I don't have a gun.</em>

hey asylum ive got load here ,,and yes i have played it many a year ago,,when it comes to metalica,,you have to say the first three are it,,trust me the passing of cliff was the catalyst,,nothing was ever great after that ,IMO
R.I.P cliff burton
you sure did cliff em all

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

1 - Sabotage - Sabbath
2 - Black Rain - Ozzy
3 - Maybe you guys should actually listen to Load - Metallica (most underrated album EVER!!!!!) instead of just going by what you hear from other people.
4 - ? - ?
5 - ? - ?


<strong> Kurt Cobain:</strong> <em>And I swear that I don't have a gun.</em>

hey andy is that marylin you got in your list,,the boy geogre wanna be,,just curious ,can you let me know ya or nah

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

Sabotage - Black Sabbath - my humble introduction to them!

Blizzard of Oz - His royal highness Ozzy Ozbourne

Black Sabbath/Paranoid/All Ozzy Sabbath - Black Sabbath

A Gentlemans Excuse me - Fish (sorry I can not remember the name of the Album)

Reel to Reel - Marilion

Led Zep 4

The Macc Lads - Anthology (covers most of their 9 Albums that I happen to have on CD)

Well done the Sleepy Hollow, is that near the grassy Knoll?

Number 1

no way to select 5 albums...

my top five would be
1--bizzard of oz-ozzy
2-reign in blood--slayer
3-ride the lightning--metallica
4-in the sign of evil-sodom
5-under the sign of the black mark-bathory
the next five
any early kreator
any early black sabbath
any early venom
satyricon -dark medi evil times
hellhammer--apocolyptic raids
they all did somethin to me,,

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

Mellon Collie was the second album I ever got. First was Chumbawumba for Christmas, then my bro gave me Mellon Collie cause he didn't like it.

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)

GNR? Are you serious?

How were they that influential in todays metal? I am missing the connection, sorry I just fail to see them as a serious band, in fact I beleive the only reason they made it at all was because their only competition at the time was bands like motley spew, or poison, lmfao!

Anyway thanks for playin along, and to each his own I guess......

<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>

I enjoy me some pumpkins now! lol

<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>

1.back in black-ac/dc sabbath-black sabbath
3.master of puppets-metallica
4.deliverance-corrosion of conformity
5.vulgar display of power-pantera
i hear ya outlawtorn_13
"keep it hard and heavy as hell"

Led Zeppelin II - Led Zeppelin
Use Your Illusion II - GN'R
Killer - Alice Cooper
Master of Reality - Black Sabbath
2112 - Rush

misfit66 you forgot REAL. if it aint real, it aint worth the time! and good choice w/ BIB!

keep it real, hard, and heavy as hell
Bleed Black Label Society

Great picks, the only one I would disagree on is the GNR. Yuck on all that, lmao!


<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>