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When is Ozzy or Ozzfest coming to Toronto, Canada. Last year Ozzfest came with out Ozzy. Is he afraid of us Canadians.


Yeah this is something we have to talk about. I came from Quebec, canada and i just want to see Ozzy but he seems like he is afraid of us. Please come in Quebec city or at least Montreal, but come ozzy. If you come one day, i think one of my dream willl be realised. Don't stop doing tour after ozzfest: Do a north american tour and go in Canada in quebec city. I'm not the only one to think like that I know so many people who will come if you came there. Quebec cityy is a metal city: the proof IRon maiden have come 19 times and each time after a few hours, no tickets were avalaible. I don't know what to do for making ozzy come here but please, come. You cannot stop making tour without coming in Canada.

I agree!!!!!!! If this is a world tour he's doing, is Canada not a part of the world??????????? I live on Vancouver Island, but without hesitation I would be 1st in line for tickets if he would at least do Vancouver!!!! It's a bit of travelling..... but I've done it lots for good concerts, and would look so forward to hearing that he would do Vancouver too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Ozzy should definetely bring Ozzfest to Canada. No two ways about it, I think canada deserves the honour of having the ozzman cometh here.

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