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Dimebag Blacktooth Bash

I went to the Dimebag Induction and the Blacktooth Bash. No, Ozzy didn't show up for the induction, but Zakk did and he played In This River on the piano. I was like 15 feet away from him until the guards made us back off. But the Blacktooth Bash was so much better. There were so many great people there! The guy from Staind flicked his guitar pick at my boob, but it bounced off and some chick grabbed it. I was like: how do you like my sloppy seconds, BIATCH?! lol The show went on for four hours and drummers were throwing drumsticks the whole time. I didn't think that I was gonna get one and at the very end, I got the most important one! VINNIE f***ING PAUL'S!!!! YEAH!!!! The two guys that I was with were so jealous. I was behind them, so they didn't see it at first, but then one of them did see it and he grabbed the other guy's head and turned it toward me. He looks at me and goes, "You b****!" lol it was great. Also, I was the first to crowd surf and one other person did after me. It turns out the crowd surfing wasn't even allowed, cause when I got to the stage, the guard looked pissed off and he threw me on the ground. I just stood up and he pointed me to the side of the stage, so I walked down, but it was all blocked off, so I just started watching at the foot of the stage. Then he came at me again and pushed me back into the crowd. There was another guard waiting for me and it sounded like he was telling me to leave, but it was so loud that I could barely hear him. So I just pretended like I really didn't have a clue what he was saying. He started laughing at me, so I laughed back and ran back into the crowd. I thought I was about to get kicked out. I was so scared. But yeah...that was my uh...weekend I guess...Thanks for reading..



Sounds killer! Congrats on the drum stick!!
"Dogs f***ed The Pope, No Fault Of Mine!"


I seen the footage on youtube. Well parts of it. Seen Zakk singing. He sounded amazing.
Keep it real, Val. and Rock on

gratz on the drumstick sounded like a kick ass time