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Just letting you know how my concert experience went...

I paid over 600 dollars for 2 VIP tickets to that concert and I got stonewalled. I was excited when I got the tix 3rd row and backstage passes not bad for booty but that is where the trouble started and I am not happy about it. Went to the backstage shopping area, didn't have the shirt in the size I wanted and now it is downhill from there. Missed the band signing went out front to get the shirts which I think the person backstage should've abliged us and went and got them. Waited backstage got to meet Zakk he is awesome. Missed half the concert waiting to get shirts to be told they were out of them and would have to wait in line at another booth because that size of shirt they took all of them to the other booth. Got to watch the end of Zombie he still knows how to rock the house. Got to see Ozzy and co. tear the mother down too it was awesome. Tried to get the shirts at the end but they were out of them. Needless to say the staff at the Metra Park ruined my whole concert experience. I am wondering what a VIP is? missed the first band still have no clue who they are. I feel cheated and I am not happy. Anyway with my rant over with Ozzy rocks, the metra doesn't.


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