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Oakland set list

i dont't know
crazy train
Mr Crowley
Suicide Solution
Bark at the moon
I don't Want to change the World
Mama, I'm coming Home
Not Going Away
I don't Wanna Stop
Set included a Very Awsome Zakk Solo.
Ozzy said he will be back, I hope so, I really wish he would do
Miracle Man
Fire in the sky
Killer of Giants
Ultimate Sin
Never Know Why
Rock n Roll Rebel
Center of Eternity
You can't kill Rock n Roll
Over the Mountain
Don't get me wrong I'm happy that Ozzy still gets out there for all of us.
Thank you Ozzy for another Ultimate High
Thank you Zakk...........


Didn'the do Here for You? I swear .. he seemed to barely get through it.

The setlist was too short in my opnion. I was kind of disapointed

Wish the set list could have been half of that in Stockton, Ozzy forgot words and ended with Ozzy saying his throat hurts.............Good thing Rob was there

Tonight in LA, while I love the guy, he sounded off. He was slow on his cues, forgot some words, and while he was talking, his voice was cracking. I felt for the guy, cause he sounded like he needed some rest. At the start of the set, he sounded strong, but after a few songs, he was really leaning on the backups and didn't seem to have the usual energy he has. A little disappointing, but zombie put on a great set, which made up for it.

I wish it had "Gets Me Through" Other than that the last songs are ok, not great.