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I saw Ozzy with Sabbath at my very first concert in 1974. I have seen Sabbath many times since. This was by far the worst live show I have ever seen from an artist. When the lyrics are scrolling on the teleprompt right in front of you and you still cannot remember your own lyrics something is wrong. The band was off key, Ozzy has no voice left at all. I agree that Zakk's 20 plus minute solo was lame. I have always been a huge Zakk Wylde fan but it all sounded the same in Stockton. If not for Rob Zombie throwing down a GREAT set this show would have been one of the all time biggest rip offs ever. I can only imagine how bad Ozzy will be sounding in future dates. This was the 4th show on a 20 plus city tour. Hate to ruin your party but the Stockton show STUNK!!