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I'm 49 soon to be 50 in Aug. So I guess there is where I need to come first! lol
I see other's in here age much younger...and the think that makes them old? I must be considered ancient then! rofl
I'm not one to go all google-eyed over a performer,and I'm not going to staqrt now but I will say that I have adored Ozzy from his early start with Black Sabbath.
I listened to his music,my children listened to his music and now my grandchildren listen to his music!
I use to have quite a collection of Ozzy music until someone stole them from me some years back. Guess they were an even bigger fan of Ozzy's huh? lol Oh well...Back to the ole drawing board,and starting over again!
It's wonderful to see so many people listening to and admireing Ozzy and his music. Elvis was to rock-n-roll as Ozzy is to the darkside! lol He has created many of what people call Goth's today. Others call Goth's satan worshipers,I call them Ozzy c
hildren. *props to the goth's*
I also think that behind the great man his wonderful wife Sharon *Koodles to her* She is Ozzy's strength. And his three children is his spark. *koodles to them also*
All of them keep him going and I think they should also be here is to them all!
His fans is the blood that runs through his veins,without the blood,there would be no life in Ozzy
So to the fan's I say...Thank you for keeping Ozzy alive in his music,and your hearts!
And last but surely not Ozzy I say...In this world or the are still going to be Ozzy...and you will live FOREVER as long as just one of your songs is remembered,but until then...I am finally going to come to an Ozzfest in Kansas City so rock on and show no mercy in your music...I don't want to miss a thing!!!
~~Hecata Satanis~~
"I have a hard enough time being me without trying to be the way you want me to be!"