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Hello Ozz-family...I'm 38 from Texas and have been an Ozzy/Black Sabbath fan since the late 70's...I bought my first radio when I was like 9yrs old and tuned it into 97.1 The Eagle out of Dallas, Tx. and have been rocking out ever since... Even from that early age I was more into the Heavy Metal music...Black Sabbath is still one of my favorite bands and I think Ozzy has a lot to do while that....Simple put OZZY f***IN' ROCKS!!
I've been to 5 Ozzfest in a row and although I missed the show the last couple of years, I will definetly be there this year so I'll see ya there...The new single off the new album is rockin' harder than ever...I cant wait to hear the rest of the new album (that I perorder April 07) and it should be here any day now...I'm sure its gonna be awsome, as all Ozzy's albums are...Later Ozzfans

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LONG LIVE OZZY AND ROCK N ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!