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Ozzy is it true you have the 26 th of january booked for Moncton?Your promoter has confirmed the venue,just hasn't been confirmed by you or Rob Zombie.


Ohio pffft! he'd rather come to Moncton - Jan 24

Just to let everyone know...the Moncton show is sold out also!!

cleveland was 2007,try 2008,lol

i dont understand how there is tickets being sold for moncton and its now sold out, but also you can purchase tickets for the concert in Cleveland Ohio on January 24th 2008 the same date as moncton, I don't understand this at all, has anyone else noticed this?????

OZZY here's your opening act,MINDZYE

Moncton on the 24th, Halifax on the 26th.

how about making front row tickets more affordable.

666 dollars a tickets is a rip off... this isn't Toronto. how about making the first 50 people in line outside (old school) pay 6.66 a ticket. Now that's more apropriate. Your best fans getting the tickets, Not doctors trying to impress their 25 year old girlfriends.

OZZY in Moncton would be awesome. Show of the year!!!

OZZY we need a good concert here in moncton, it has been awhile since we had one.

I'll be at both shows

Tickets for the moncton show go on sale dec 1st at 10 am.At the moncton coliseum box office,have visa or mastercard ready.4 ticket purchase limit.Confirmed for jan 24 th in Moncto,and the 26th in hellifax.

OZZY in Moncton will put the Stones concert to shame. I'll be at the show in Moncton and in Halifax!!!!

Cary C.
Moncton NB.

I'm from Moncton but we are a group of 10 going to the halifax show instead.Our coliseum is so tiny,designed by 1977 standards needs to catch up to the new millennium.Needs to hold 30,000 fans so we don't have to go to Hellifax to see a concert.Mostly because they are ignorant and disrespectful.But the driving and lodging is quite bothersome.

the tour listings say Clevland OH on the 24th of Jan 07


sorry make that 08.

Ozzy You should come to Saint john nb Harbour station... It would ne a sold out show for sure and only 2 hours away from moncton.

Ozzy in Moncton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOO.Will sell out in 30 mins.See ya there.

I second that!!

i'll believe it when i see it but people in moncton suck so much it will probably get cancelled

Best thing to ever happen to the maritimes, I'm from PEI I can't wait for this! I never thought I'd see you this close to home. Ozzy you f***ing rule! but you knew that already... didnt you, we got a crew from the Island going, not missing this for anything!!!! Keep on Rockin! We Love You


Our local radio station C103 confirmed that Ozzy will be in Moncton on January 24, 2008.

Real mature "anonymous" saying that people in Moncton suck. You probably aren't even old enough to attend the concert..............

f*** moncton (ill go anyway) they dont know how to throw a party last concert i went to there blew there far to up tight its a god dam rock concert for christ sakes




hell the box office lines have been tied up for hous now! I've been trying to get through all mourning if I don't get a ticket I'll flip!!! this is going to be one kick ass show!!!

Miramichi NB

It is already confirmed

OMG....I've been try'n to get through to the Moncton Coliseum all morning....when I try to order tickets online, nothing is available...WTF!!...They should have had 3 shows in the Maritimes, Moncton, Halifax and Saint John!!! Finally when I did get through....they inform me that the only tickets that they have left are for VIP .....THIS SUCKS BIGTIME!!!!

ticks go on sale next Saturday

Defenately should have a show in saint john at harbour station. Its alot better than the moncton coliseum and has a bigger seating capacity...definately still a sell out show