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How was Vegas?

We are going to Bakersfield tomorrow, and I was hoping that somebody would post here how the vegas show was last night. Christ, what a slow site.


Vegas show was kick ass, small venue, GA floor. Ozzy looked and sounded better tha Glen Helen Ozzfest 07. Would have liked to see him play a bit longer though. You know how it is, Never get enough OZ.

I thought Ozzy was behind the music. He started every song late and messed up some of the lyrics. He played a little over an hour and 15 minutes of that was a scorching Zakk Wylde guitar solo. Thank God for Zakk or Ozzy would have beeen thrown off stage. After the 3rd song Ozzy kep saying "one more song" Afer evry song' This was pretty annoying. I am a huge Ozzy fan and Paying $150 for an hour of Ozzy was a rip off. Rob Zombie stole the show. I feel I was robbed by Ozzy and I will probably never go to another one of his concerts unless there is another headliner with him. Is it time for Ozzy to leave the Crazy Train?

Sounds like me last November spending $200 for 45 minutes of Aerosmith ... after the concert, my friend and I just sat there, both shocked and extremely dissapointed. And I was angry.

Promoters are ruthless, and they treat the fans like overly-gullible fools. Of course, the artists do have the option of not performing, so they share the blame.