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Mr Crowling ..

Ok ok
i'm a singer end like a Ozzy Osburn song
This video on youtube are i'm to sing this song
Say hello


very interesting ,,try doing your own music--keep up the good work


mcarpegna: very interesting.. katee
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Is this a joke? You should learn to spell the man's name dumbs***!!

It's no Ozzy, but you're voice is damn good :P

learn to speak. ever heard of a little thing called grammar, buddy? also, how could u not even spell Osbourne correctly? this is his freakin' website!

i'm Italian.. not a English
Are a natural to me Wrong any passage.

Hey, man. I´m from Argentina, and also think that, if you like to sing english songs so much, and is not naturaly to you to speak other languages, then maybe you must think in study, or at least pay more atention to what you hear in the original song...for that purpose you can use your musical ear. For what I listen in your video, you can sing really good(much better that you do here, I guess). Listen to my band here:

I now my english is not the best...but I did never study, just learnd by can do the same (if you don't know, we speak spanish in my country)

You can sing but you need to do an original song! As long as you do others peoples music you will always be compared to them. I really cannot tell anything about your talent from this example......

Try this site:
Fix me!!!

By the way. mcarpegna, pretty good band you have there.
I loved "Change my way"
Fix me!!!

hey, dude. sorry about gettin' all up in your face about the grammar and stuff. i didn't know you weren't from here. you sing really good. start a band. :)you should still spell osbourne right, though. it says it on the top of the page.

Thanks, Octavian!!! great you liked my band!


How insulting to Ozzy Osbourne, you can't even spell his name or song titles properly..... Yet you're doing a cover of his song!!!! SHOCKING!!!!!!

lmao. damn

*make sure I never misspell on this board.

LOL Zakklover

you can't freaking spell. it's MR.CROWLEY and it's ozzy OSBOURNE. GET IT RIGHT!!!
HOW DISRESPECTFUL TO OZZY!!! ALSO if you live in the united states, you should SPEAK ENGLISH AND BE ABLE TO SPELL IT. i don't care what your native language is! (no offense to mcarpegna)

Not really Sincere,

Did you come to stare or wash away the blood?

also i think the video is scary. more scary than clowns.

Not really Sincere,

Did you come to stare or wash away the blood?