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Sorry, no pics or video but I really have to say that this is the best Ozzy performance I have ever seen him do. This was my 6th time I have seen him since Bark at the Moon. He was spot on and totally kicked ass on every single song. Finished up with his trade mark, Paranoid! no doubt. Man was that croud loud and crazy! Reminds me of the early 80's without all the pot smoke! He played somewhere around 15 songs would be my guess, I was not counting. Fricken bad ass show. Zakk Wylde ripped, just plain great concert!

On Zombie, I have heard better from him. He kept pulling the mike too soon, and many lyrics went silent. didnt care for that too much. Normally, he's spot on.

In This Moment stunk IMO. Nice tits on the singer though.
Ba ba Booey