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Opening Act

Does anybody know if there's an opening act


is Rob Zombie seriously opening up for Ozzy in Toronto?

Is Zombie opening for the almighty OZZY in Halifax???? ????? He is for the other canadian dates!!!!!
got tickets this am, this show is going to KICK MAJOR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they said no zombie Rob Zombie is there or not.....who ta hell would really notice!!??!! With OZZY and Zakk Wylde ....who ta hell...would even care!!!!!!!!!!!!!...ILMAO!!! Opening act??????????? Those two don't any introduction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mega Fan. I saw Ozzy with Rob Zombie as an opening act in 03'. Zombie stole the show. Ozzy was still amazing but his show was too short and just paled in comparison to zombies amazing stage show. So it is definitly important to have a good opening act for ozzy, major upset that rob zombie is not playing.

zombie will be at the orbit room in grand rapids MI on 01/24/08

no Rob Zombie,but In This Moment is opening for Ozzy.they seriously kick ass.