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In no Paticular Order:
Lamb Of God
Down or Corrosion of Conformity
Ozzy (Solo)
Black Sabbath w/ Dio
Rob Zombie (provided that he goes back to the pyro and makeup and monsters)
Black Label Society
Marlyn Manson
Children of Bodom
Kill Switch Engage
Switch it up a little, some BIG NAME bands can headline the second stage, some venus don't offer mosh pit opportunities for the main stage. Also, I know everybody wants 30 small time bands, thats cool. But for crying out loud, I of all people LOVE heavy music, but if I am paying $100+ for a ticket then please add someone that can actually PLAY! Small time bands play small time venues for a reason, they just aren't that F***ing good. It should be an honor status to be allowed to play on an Ozzfest Tour. Ever wonder nobody shows up before NOON? There is nothing worth seeing untill then.

If somebody that actually has something to do with this years tour lineup reads this, PLEASE don't skimp out on the talent. These tours can either be remembered as just another LOUD Metal Super Tour, or one of the greatest shows since woodstock!