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Happy Birthday Ozzy, I hope you enjoy it!!....I can't wait to see you next year in Montreal!!!---Rock On, You're my idol!!---Sincerely, Dwight.M.


happy birthday ozzy i love you

Love ya Ozzy, I hope you live forever, you are, and always will be the master of rock n roll!



<strong>Ozzy:</strong><cite>"I have no regrets except that I wasn't up to keep Randy (Rhoads) from getting on that plane." (Ozzy Osbourne, Guitar World Issue 37, 2000)

A HAPPY BIRTHDAY quite late , my pc was out. Keep on rocking , we like all your great work here in FRANCE

Ozzy!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!!!
it is unimaginable that someone can rock for 37 years!!!and with time to become only better unlike all the crappy newrock bands! You rule Ozz! Hey, I have a collection of all your CDs but the way they hang on the wall - its not symmetric- I'm missing one more. I believe you're gonna record another album, be it with black sabbath or you alone, I'm waiting!!! I wish all the luck and strength you need to do whatever you do. I wish you to live as long as you yourself want. You're the greatest, Ozzy, I love you.

I know this is late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY OZZY U ROKK