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ozzfan club..shaft

has any one received there stuff from joing the ozzy fand club? its been 3 months now and nothing. i paid 45$ just to beable to buy a 115.00 ticket.. this sucks...


I haven't received anything either from the fanclub. It took 9 months to get my stuff from the megadeth fan club last year after I sent them emails asking about the stuff.

Same here , what the f***! Ozzy... kick down..............

I signed up the first day the fan club opened and I received my stuff on Ozzy's birthday, of all days. I had sent an email to them about a month before that asking if there was a delay. Apparently, they didn't anticipate the level of participation and have had difficulty receiving the merchandise from the manufacturer. Just be patient; it will arrive.

Besides, I joined mainly for the advance sale tickets, so it was worth the $45 just for better seats than the general public.