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Tour w/zombie appropriate for 14 yr. old?

Yea I was wondering if you think the show would be appropriate for a 14 yr. old- I heard zombie is quite graphic.


It was a good concert. The only thing inappropriate that happened was when the cameras started filming the crowd and a bunch of the women and girls started flashing everyone and you could see it up on the big screen. If you don't mind your child seeing that then take them with you and have fun!

The only other thing was that there was a lot of swearing. Ozzy wasn't was inappropriate although he did swear a lot. He can't do as much as he used to be able to do! I thought it was a great concert other than the women flashing themselves. I didn't think Rob Zombie was inappropriate all he did was swear.

Zombie really wasn't graphic at all. The sets had some bad words and the audience flashed a few breasts. By 14, I'd guess your kid has seen a lot worse than it is going to see at any concert. The question is, do they want to see it sitting next to his mum or dad. For the experience of this show, I'd put up with that embarassment.

I've been going to concerts since I was 11 that included the likes of Mötley Crüe et al... boobies and half nekkid women everywhere with plenty of F Bombs thrown in the mix. I'd say at 14 a concert like this will be a memorable experience and you might have a future musician on your hands... it happened to me once I got that bug.

O.K.- I'm still not sure though- I've heard a lot about rob's performance what about Ozzy, is his as graphic or is it more "standard fare"

appropriate-last time i checked it was SEX,DRUGS, and ROCK N ROLL! if you want somethin appropriate go to church if you want an out of our mind good time go to a concert! an OZZY, SABBATH, or LABEL show to be exact!

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buddy the newspaper is more graphic then any concert.

Zombie isn't graphic. Go to the concert and have a good time!