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Kansas City had better come through for Ozzy This time!!!!!
Ozzfest crowd sucked!
This show should be just like the 80's when no f***ing body sat down and we tore the f***ing roof off at every concert to roll through KC.
Lets all show the Ozz Man that K.C. can f***ing shred!
LETS MAKE THIS THE SHOW THAT OZZY REMEMBERS AND TALKS ABOUT FOR THE REST OF THE f***ING TOUR!!!!!!!!! I can't waite to see Mr. Zakk "f***ing" Wylde and Zombie too!!!
See ya mother f***er's at the show!!!
Remember the Diary and Blizzard shows? Thats what this b**** should be, sum crazy s***!
Oops, i dropped my pipe gotta go,
the budman